Description Of Specification


Standard Value



Capacity of asphalt tank





Max. total mass





Thermal capacity of diesel burner





Average Temp. rise





Average Temp. down





Overall dimensions




Performance Feature

Trapezoid and round cross section, which can fully make use of the vehicle passing area, with lower center of gravity, driving stable and safe.
Rock wool insulation with thickness 100 mm, average temp. drop <1¡æ/h.
An U-type heating flue circulates heat throughout the tank and heat up asphalt.
Equipped with an auto-control diesel-oil Burner.
Equipped with a 220V gasoline Generator, supply power for the Burner.
Reliable monitoring system of heating.
Equipped with the famous international-brand BPW Axle (Germany brand) and air suspension system, which has the features of high performance and quality, less weight.
Equipped with the famous international-brand HALDEX braking valves (Sweden Brand).
Equipped with the tubeless tires with wider section (425/65 - R22.5) and aluminum-alloy wheel hub (13.00-22.5) which have the features of less weight, larger loading and high-quality.
Introduced the integral section steel for the longitudinal beam, which have the features of lager loading, less weight and better stability.
The rear bumper and side guard rail chosen aluminum-alloy, which is more light and high quality.
Setting Level Monitor which easy to read level of asphalt inside the tank.
Setting Temperature Monitor which easy to read temperature of asphalt inside the tank
To realize full automation of the heating system£¬adding inverter for AC and DC£¬the main function is as following(Please see the attachment of ‘schematic diagram for electricity and control system’):
During normal transportation period, the burner could get power from truck generator through the inverter.
In the state of trailer breakdown or stop£¬start generator rapidly£¬and burner could get power from generator through the inverter.
After trailer arrived jobsite ,destination port or under some special condition which need using outside electrical source£¬the burner could get power from outside electrical source through the inverter.
Adding lead sealing device on the top manhole and back unloading valve.
The generator, controlling system and inverter were integrated into one metal box with grids, anti rain covers and lock device.
fixed-style of rain hat on the top of exhaust pipe which connected with ”U”-type heating flue.

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