Item Name


Gasoline Engine

Honda Series

Feeding Pump

The imported oil pump cycle heating type 2CG―2

Rated Power


Burner Device

Light oil burner

Net Weight

250 KG

Toolkit Volume

30 L

Output Hose

5 M Import electric heating tube

Temperature Control system

Omron automatic control, computer LCD screen

Heating Mode

Indirect heating and heat conduction oil external oil circulating heating pump

Conveying Mechanism

External type material pump, the infinite speed regulation control, can be positive and negative actions

Liquid Tank

120 L

Heat conduction oil consumption

15 L

Filling and sewing the material heating time

Room temperature 40 minutes

Feeding mouth specifications


Lose Glue Pump

Continuously Variable Transmission

Mixing way

Automatic Continuously Variable Transmission

Attached File

Built-in tools and accessory tools

Performance Feature 

1.No auxiliary engine which is original worldwide.

2.High intelligence.

3.No re-calibration work is needed for measuring system.

4.Automatic warning device.

5.Heating of asphalt pump to ensure no affection from the outside and asphalt temp.

6.The smooth falling of materials to ensure no arch rib of aggregate in construction.

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